For many Indian students, the US is the preferred education destination

March 14, 2016
The US is the most favorable education destination among Indian students, as a large number of students from India had migrated to study in the US. For, most foreign students, it is the combination of obtaining high quality education, experiencing fascination in a new culture, obtaining an international mindset and expanding future job prospects.

For many Indian students, the US is the preferred education destination

According to the Vice President, Foreign business development, and operations, Devry Education Group, students should first think of their career ambition and what direction they wish to go. Based on the academic program, they should consider the type of institution they want to admit into.

And according to the Managing Director, Devry Education Group, Ranil Herath, there are countless of funding prospects that are available in the US. There are many institutions in the US who offers monetary aid to overseas students. 

He also informed that Devry Education Group also offers a scholarship of upto $20,000 for undergraduate program and for bachelor program they offer around $8000 worth of scholarship. Both these scholarships are provided based on the merit.  Around 44% of students from India who visits Devry get this scholarship. 

Ranil also informed that Devry Education Group has got the US Career Experience Program,  it provides a chance to avail valuable on campus job experience through paid and part time job while registered. Only overseas students are entitled to apply for these employments. Students get a chance to work in fields like IT and marketing etc and they are able to build their own resume with the US job experience.

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