Foreign student population increases by 8% in the US

December 18, 2015
Almost 1.2 million foreign students are using the F or M visa to pursue education in the US. As per recent reports from “SEVIS by the Numbers”, this is the quarterly report published on the trends of foreign students which is prepared by SEVP, which is part of the US ICE HSI.

This report was revealed on Thursday by SEVP, which provides information of November month from the SEVIS, an internet based system that adds data about the exchange visitors, their dependents and foreign students while they are residing in the US.

Foreign student population increases by 8% in the US

Based on the information which was extracted from the SEVIS  5th November,  foreign student registration at the schools of the US has been increased by 8% when compared to the same month of last year. There were around 8,803 US institutions which are certified by the SEVP for enrolling the foreign students, which has decreased by 2% from the preceding year.

39% of the foreign students who seek to study in the US, which is equal to over 4,60,000 students were registered in the STEM related streams.  And around 87% of the foreign students studying in the STEM streams were from Asian countries.

The November month report also have a special section about the foreign students from South Korea. It ranked third for F and M students that visit to study in the US. The students from South Korea make around 7% of the US foreign student population.

40% of the foreign students from South Korea were registered in the program for Bachelor degree, while around 20% were registered in the STEM streams of study. Since last year November 2014, the foreign students numbers from South Korea registered in the degree programs has declined by 14%.

For the initial time this year, the SEVIS information recognized the New York University with the biggest foreign student population, Southern California University stood at second place, Northeastern University, Columbia University, Illinois University. 

SEVP monitors around one million foreign students who are studying academic or vocational education in the US. It also certifies the programs and schools that register these students. The US DOS monitors the exchange visa holders and foreign exchange visitor programs.

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