Foreign students from around the globe are flocking to US universities

April 06, 2016
Overseas students from around the world are going to US universities in large numbers that have never been seen before, with around one million international students getting enrolled in the universities of the US every year.

Foreign students from around the globe are flocking to US universities

As per the last year information, overseas students are now making up third of the entire population of students in many of the prestigious universities of the US.  Around 38% of the students had arrived from abroad and it is the most of any college in the US.

According to the report, Florida Technology Institute is leading the category of the national universities in the country with as many as 33% of the students are from other part of the world.

It also reveals that many colleges also provide kind financial rewards for the victorious overseas students. the economy of the country is also getting benefitted with record number of admissions worth $ 36 billion and more than 3,70,000 jobs every year. 

As per the report the number of overseas students in the US last year was raised by 10% to 9,74,377. And 50% of the students are coming from India, China and Republic of Korea.

There are lots of reasons why students are choosing to study in the US, the dominance of its universities in the ranking s for universities from around the world with 5 US universities are in the list of leading universities of the world.

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