Hong Kong executes automated clearance services mutually with Germany

September 04, 2014
Hong Kong performs automated clearance services mutually with Germany

Hong Kong and Germany will execute the service of automated clearance mutually.

Effective 01 September 2014, people with HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) electronic passport will be authorized to get register for the automated service of immigration clearance in Germany on trail grounds. 

German passport holders are anticipated to get enrolled for the service of e-channel in Hong Kong when the utilization of mutual automated clearance services will be completely executed in November, this year.

A spokesperson from the immigration department said that the execution of the mutual utilization of automated immigration clearance services would facilitate comfort of travel for German visitors and Hong Kong residents. Moreover, it would improve tourism, trade and business relationship with Germany.

Hong Kong residents , who are aged 18 or above and hold a HKSAR passport can get themselves registered for the service by submitting an application at Frankfurt Airport along with HKSAR passport, which is expected to have a  minimum  validity of  6 months. The Enrollment is open to all and free of cost.
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