House passes the bill to tighten restrictions on visa free travel to US

December 09, 2015
The House of Representatives in the US has voted tremendously on Tuesday to tighten the control on the visa free traveling to the US by the citizens of around 38 countries who are permitted to visit the US without having a visa. The bill is the second key portion of security law that is approved in the chamber.

The step will need the travelers from the visa waiver nations that include many from the western Europe for getting the visa to visit the US.

House passes the bill to tighten restrictions on visa free travel to US

It will also call for the nations who are participating in the program to share the information with the authorities of the US about the risks that are being suspended from this scheme.

According to the House Homeland Security Committee Chairman,  Michael McCaul, this law would assist in closing the security gaps and also enhance the ability of the US to stop the suspected individuals before they reach near us.

Around twenty million travelers visit the US every year under this program, which permits them to reside in the US for three months.

The travel association of the US has supported the bill, a proposal from the Senate has came that will also need the collection of biometric information. The industry groups has said that this can demotivate the legal travelers to visit the US.

President Obama had called on the Congress to stiffen the visa waiver program in a speech on national security to the country on Sunday night.

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