Immigrate to Canada with Quebec's Business Investor Immigration Program

January 02, 2016
Everyone wants to achieve the success and get what they want, but it is not an easy task. If you pursuing a dream in the field of investor business then Quebec is the right place for you. To start a business in the city, it not an easy job and you have to go through the long process of immigration.

Pursuing a dream in the field of investor business then Quebec is the right place for you

Quebec is a place in Canada which has different rules of immigration. The Quebec’s Business Investor Immigration has different set of regulations that has to be followed.

Procedure to acquire the Quebec’s investor immigration

Get the application form and fill the form. The form should not be left in completed otherwise it could get rejected it could be subject to unnecessary holdup. The application would be assessed as per the program you had filed immigration for. Then the immigration officer at your home country would make a checking of the residential address and other details and then a acknowledgement letter would be sent.

The missing documents list will be send to you, if you might have forgotten to file some of the documents within the time limit. You should submit all the documents, if you fail to do so then, the complete application will be rejected.

The process of immigration for the investor and entrepreneur is quite different and in the last case, the selection certificate is essential. 

If all the above steps are cleared then you will get a call for a selection interview. And for the category of investor, you would be judged on the experience and professional expertise. Checking of your legal possession would be done if you had applied for this category. 

After the completion of the interview, there comes the three possibilities, first  is that your application has been approved, secondly, your application has been rejected or in third case, your application is kept on hold, where you will be asked for some doubts, or you could be asked to submit some more documents.

With the above mentioned points you can start filing your application.

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