Immigration is a Major Contributor of Population Growth in Australia

June 26, 2019
Based on the recent data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics immigration is an important contributor towards population growth in Australia.

Immigration is a Major Contributor of Population Growth in Australia

The Statistics

Last year the growth in Australian population was 1.6 percent and by the year end its total population was 25.2 million. The natural increase in population had a share of 38.6 percent only but net overseas migration had a share of 61.4 percent. In 1976–1977, the natural increase in population was 66.6 percent and net overseas migration had a share of 33.4 percent. The rate of migration is calculated as the difference between migrants who arrive and the outgoing migrants. The net foreign country migration in 2018 was 248,400 but in 2017 it was 241,700.

The growth in population varied extensively across many states, territories and sub-regions. The growth rate in cities was strong in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, but the rate in regional areas was mixed. Additionally, immigration contributed a major share in the population growth of the country.

The diversification is in progress

In comparison to 100 years ago, presently Australia has a better old age and the children are fewer. They mostly live in urban areas, and are mostly born overseas in nations different from the UK.  In 1901, Australia had a population of 3.8 million, and 22.6 percent among them were born overseas. The major share was of the UK and Ireland at 79.7 percent. China was the only Asian country to have a   representation constituting 3.5 percent of the population. As per the 2017 data, Asians today have a better representation in Australia. China, had a share of 8.3 percent among the foreign born population, and India occupied the fourth spot with 7.4%. Australia today is home to people of 190 countries and 300 ancestries. The trend is likely to continue in the near future. The diversification is already happening and many immigrants prefer to settle in the country.

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