Immigration is the biggest concern for Europeans

August 03, 2015

According to the poll conducted within the member countries of European Union during the month of May, the European citizens have responded that immigration has been the biggest concern even more than employment and economic issues.

In November 2014, during when the previous poll held showed economic situation, unemployment and public deficits, thus placing the immigration in fourth position among the 24 percent of European citizens.


But in this recent poll immigration at 38 percent overtook the economic situation (27 percent) and unemployment (24 percent) to become the bigger concern among the European citizens.

The country Malta showed highest figures about 65 percent population due to the phenomenal rise in the arrival of immigrants and Germany with 65 percent.

The country Italy, which receiving thousands of immigrants dangerously crossing the Mediterranean Sea, has immigration concern at 43 percent, France 33 percent population had dismay about immigration.

Belgians also showed immigration is the biggest concern about 39 percent, beating unemployment (26 percent).

The other concern that gained the ground is terrorism, as the concern on terrorism had risen from 6 percent in November 2014 to 17 percent among the total European Union citizens.

Europol has been the second EU opinion poll conducted in the may based on the interviews with 31,000 European citizens. 

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