In 2014, Canada Welcomed Record Number from China

May 30, 2015
Canada offers numerous opportunities for Chinese travelers

Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and immigration Minister, has marked the finale of Asian Heritage Month by announcement at Markham’s Sino-Canada Educational and Cultural Festival that Canada welcomed nearly 361,000 visitors from Dragon nation in 2014. Thus it is up by 34% when compared to the previous year.

In addition to temporary resident visas, nearing to 25000 people from china have become Permanent residents in 2014. The Maple leaf nation has welcomed a record number of 65600 students from China in the year 2014.

Nearing to 94 % of visitors in 2014 has received Multiple Entry Visa, which permits the visitors to leave as well as return to the maple leaf nation for six months at a time for up to ten years. The MEVs are not only fast but flexible. They are also considered to be convenient option for the frequent visitors to Canada.

This country offers numerous opportunities for Chinese travelers, students, skilled worker and business people also including the recently announced Can-plus program in China. This will help build growth seen from Asia’s large market and economy. 

In order to strengthen travel and trade ties for Chinese visitors to Maple leaf nation, A new office will be inaugurated in Guangzhou this summer, further expanding the CIC presence in China.

Nearing to 1.5 million Canadian residents can trace their ancestral roots to China. Since 2010, Canada has welcomed annually average of more than 261,000 PR.  In the year 2010, both Canada and China have signed and approved Destination Status agreement which permits the Chinese travel agents to promote and arrange tours to Canada. The processing times for the applicant from these tours average less than one week and have high approval rates.

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