India plans to streamline visa regulations for Chinese

April 22, 2015
Plans to ease visa rules for Chinese underway: Prime Minister, Narendra Modi

On his visit to China in the impending month, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is not only thinking to extend e-tourist visa facility to the neighboring nations, but also negotiating China's elimination from the list of 'prior reference category' nations for conference visa as well as doing away with limits of two-month interval between visits by Chinese nationals on visit visa.

By the way, although intelligence agencies retain their reservations over facilitating of tourist visa regulations for Chinese citizens, there is an understanding within the home ministry that keeping China outside the list of 150 nations that would be issued e-tourist visa facility this fiscal. 

As per the intelligence agencies, enabling e-tourist visa, easing of the two-month limit on successive visits made on visit visas and doing away with the regulations needed for the home ministry's clearance for every conference visa application by a Chinese citizen was laden with risks. The agencies referred to overstay by Chinese nationals in India and past instances.

Conversely, there were counter-arguments at the meeting hosted by home secretary L C Goyal. There exists bound to be complaints from China if it is kept out among the list of nations that are eligible for e-tourist visa. 

Provided that the list includes Algeria as well as Nigeria, both of which have a major presence of terrorist elements, India would have to elucidate why China must be deprived of e-tourist visa on security grounds," a home ministry official added.

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