Indian Population in Australia had 30% Growth in Last Two Years

May 28, 2019
The recent data, of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, illustrates that the population of Indian immigrants in Australia had a 30 percent growth just between 2016 -2018. In 2016, Indians living in Australia were 455,389 but increased to 592,000 by 2018.

Indian Population in Australia had 30% Growth in Last Two Years

The Details

With these numbers, the Indians are now the third largest community to reside in Australia. The share of Indians in the Australian population is 2.4%. Moreover, their median age is 34 years, as good as that of residents born in Australia. Also, Indians are a large source of migrants in Australia from 2016. In 2016-2017, Australia totally issued 183,608 PR visas and the share of Indians Out of these, was 38,854. In 2017-2018, Australia totally issued 162,417 and the share of Indians Out of these was 33,310.

The Indian students studying in Australia also were high in 2018. The data also reveals that 70,000 students were pursuing their studies in various Australian universities and colleges during Nov 2017.

The migrant’s population was more than seven million in Australia in June 2018. The residents born overseas constituted 29 percent of the population.

The Groups 

The largest group of residents born overseas was of the England-born Diaspora. At the second place is China, with 651000 residents residing in the country.

Additionally, these migrants brought the Indian languages in Australia. The top language spoken at Indian home in Australia is Hindi, having 159,652 speakers. At the second place is Punjabi, having 132,496 speakers. These languages find a place in the top ten languages that Australians speak. The other Indian languages witnessing significant enhancement among the Australian speakers during the period are:

• Tamil (73,161),

• Bengali (54,566),

• Malayalam (53,206),

• Gujarati (52,888),

• Telugu (34,435),

• Marathi (13,055) and finally

• Kannada (9701)

Kashmiri, Konkani, as well as Oriya and Sindhi, are also spoken but their speakers are in small numbers.

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