Indonesia's to provide visa-free access pathway for Australia

November 06, 2014
Indonesia to waive visa requirements for 5 countries

As reported by the prominent position Jokowi (President of Indonesia), all the Australian travelers are about to get visa-free access from Indonesia from the month of January. 

Indroyono Soesilo, Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister in Jakarta quoted that visas which are available on arrival for Indonesia at a cost of $US35 from Australia, Japan, China, South Korea and Russia will be ignored from visa costs and will be granted for visa-free access by the government. 

In the last year Indonesia had 900,000 Australian travelers in which Bali attracted 826,000 visitors. And through this new visa-free access the Indonesian government is expecting to see 500,000 tourist arrivals this year

At present the government of Indonesia is allowing visa-free admission for Hong Kong, Macau, the rich Chinese territories and few other countries. In addition to this, the Indonesian government is planning to provide permit access for yachts and cruise ships to come in the country harbor. 

Mr Indroyono is expecting to spend approximately US$11.5 million on the new programme. As the number of visa free visitors gets increased from 8.8 million to 10million by 2015, there will be raise in annual revenue of about $US530 million. 

The size of tourism industry Indonesia is very less when compared to that of Thailand’s or Malaysia’s. so to attract more travelers the leaders of particular regions of Indonesia are expected to promote the areas.
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