Ireland proposal to regularize undocumented migrants

July 09, 2015
Ireland proposal to regularise the undocumented migrants

Ireland’s department of justice is considering a proposal to regularize the undocumented migrants constituting around 20,000 people working and living in the Republic of Ireland.

The research shows there is a large number of undocumented migrants living in the country. In the recent years, they have entered and living the country with legal visa. But, subsequently they became undocumented.

The migrants representing the countries of china, philippines, mauritus, pakistan and brazil are most among those of undocumented people living in ireland.

Until now, Department of justice has opposed any large scale regularization scheme for the migrants. It always had examined immigrants depends upon case.

However, this proposal would allow only those residents living in the last four years without any criminal conviction. Individuals will be taken for two year probationary period during which they cannot access any social security or housing.  

Upon the completion of the period the person would be granted residency and can further apply for citizenship.

The migrant rights centre of Ireland (MRCI) which drawn up the proposal in consultation with department of justice, indicates that undocument migrants are facing several problems related to access of better living, health and education.

The right centre also explains the situation about the estimated 5000 children of undocumented migrants, many of them have never even gone to school and they are at the grip of uncertain future.

Many of this undocumented migrants are living from the past five years are working, living and rearing their families. This proposal if taken well, this will provide the most comprehensive solutions to the problems facing by undocumented migrants.

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