Ireland requires UK social workers and skilled employees on visas

May 11, 2016
Ireland is seeking to hire social employees from Canada.and the UK.   Citizens of Canada would require job visas. Citizens of UK could do job easily in Ireland. The hiring drive has come as the department is looking to fill around 102 vacancies of jobs to handle cases for child protection in Ireland.

Ireland requires UK social workers and skilled employees on visas

There is a huge demand of social workers in Ireland. Tusla which is a child and family agency in Ireland is trying to hire around 102 social employees for handling backlog of kids presently without a social employee. In previous weeks, many cases has  highlighted that there is an urgent requirement of social employees in Ireland.

The agency is seeking graduates from universities and institutions of Ireland. The agency has visited the Northern Ireland University to lure social employees who had earlier immigrated to Ireland in previous years.

Embarking on national campaign of recruitment with special focus on hiring from present graduate pool who would be graduating this year.  For this program, studies are underway with UK and Canadian universities for assessing pool of latent graduate candidate.

Irish universities are not producing enough social employees.  Trinity College is likely to produce around 75 social workers this year and Dublin University College will produce around 50.

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