Japanese government to relax visa norms of Okinawa tourist

November 26, 2014
Okinawa tourist visa norms to get relaxed soon

The Japanese government is planning to relax the entry requirements in future to visitors of Okinawa Island.  The migration process of this fabulous Island located at the southern most region of Japan will be made easier to increase the inflow of visitors without any hassles to the country.

Senior parliamentary vice-minister for the economy, trade and industry, Masaaki Taira noted at the conference of Naha that, this Island will stand as an iconic for the surge of the country’s economy through advancement of tourism and world-wide innovation.  

Due to the heavy presence of military base of U.S. in the country in the previous year, the federal government of Japan has relaxed the process of tourist visa.  Apart from the Okinawa Island, Kansai province and Niligata town there are three other regions that are considered as special strategic zones. 

Okinawa Island’s stunning weather, striking beaches and landscapes boost the district culture which is quite apart from the Japan mainland. This beautiful island is the origin of karate and has given life to many other pop musicians such as Namie Amuro.

There are many low charged airlines between Okinawa and Tokyo Narita to have fun in its stunning stretches, unique cultures and subtropical weather.
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