Joblessness Of Newcomers In Canada Declines To 6.4%

December 29, 2018
A new research of Statistics Canada finds that Joblessness among fresh arrivals in Canada is 6.4%. It also highlights the fact that the employment gap between immigrants and workers born in Canada is reducing. Many employers in Canada today employ newcomers for filling the job vacancies.

The findings 

The findings suggest that 78.9 percent newcomers belonging to the age bracket of 25 years to 54 years are in the workforce. Comparatively, there are 84 percent people born in Canada in the workforce.

Additionally, the unemployment rate of core work-age immigrants was 6.4 percent last year, but it was five percent among workers born in Canada. Core working age is the age between 25 and 54 years when a person finishes studies and has not retired. This unemployment rate in core working-age immigrants is presently a record low.

 Joblessness Of Newcomers In Canada Declines To 6.4%

Canada welcomes Newcomers

Newcomers find good jobs in Canada because it offers many opportunities. The workforce is aging fast and there are less young people for taking up vacant posts. As per the estimates of 2017, immigrants were 26% of the total workforce among core working-age. During 2016-2017, only 59,000 workers born in Canada joined the workforce, but the figures were 87,000 for new immigrants.

It is easy to Find jobs

Moreover, the employment rate gap between immigrants and the local workers has come down in the last three years consecutively. The gap is low than the national average in Alberta and Manitoba. Newcomers residing in Canada for ten years get a full-time job, and 65.2 percent of them who came in the last five years are presently working. Canada is eager to welcome eligible fresh arrivals and also presents several opportunities for building a good career. All the persons interested in Canadian immigration can contact us to explore the finest options.

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