Quebec declares the opening of its immigration programs for the year

April 04, 2014
Quebec immigration programs - 2014
According to news reports, the Canadian province of Quebec has announced the start of three new immigration programs from April 1st, 2014. So, beginning from this date and until March 31st, 2015, the immigration authority has said that it will accept applications for review in the streams of the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP), the Investor Programme (IP) and the Entrepreneur Programme (EP). But, this year, the quota of the number of applications for QSWP has been reduced to a total of 6,500 from the previous year’s quota of 20,000. So, applicants have been advised by experts to speed up and apply early. 

The Quebec Skilled Worker Programme is comparable to Federal Skilled Worker Programme. And, similar to the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the selection of immigrants is done on the basis of points obtained, based upon different criteria. Thus, points are allotted for occupation, language, etc. However, in the case of Quebec province, language proficiency is awarded a very high number of points. Thus, French language proficiency is awarded a maximum of 16 points and English language proficiency can be awarded a maximum of 6 points. Educational qualifications (or, skills) are also awarded points with higher points awarded to those skills or educational qualifications which are in short supply.   

Investors seeking Quebec’s PR (Investor Program PR) must meet eligibility criteria which include a minimum level (or, amount) of investment, and also language proficiency. Thus, an investor needs to invest CAD 800,000 each year, for 5 years. Or, alternatively do a one-time payment of CAD 220,000 with a financing option. The investor will also need to show a net worth of at least CAD 1.6 million and also that he has management-level experience. Further to this, if the application is accepted, the applicant is likely to be called for an in-person interview to check if he/she is serious about settling down in the province of Quebec. 

The Entrepreneur route for PR (Permanent Residency) of Canada is for those who set up an enterprise in the province. Entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals can seek this route and the cap for this program has been set at 500.  
But, one important thing to note is that though Quebec applies its own rules regarding migration to that province, the actual, final decision to give permanent residency is taken at the federal level. 

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