Large number of Indian students is studying in Australia

March 03, 2016
Many students from all over the world are choosing to study in Australia with the numbers increasing by 10%. 

Large number of Indian students is studying in Australia

According to the latest official statistics, it shows that around 5,00,000 foreign students  from around two hundred nations has taken courses in higher education previous year.

International Education Minster, Richard Colbeck informed that it shows the strong universal competitiveness of Australia in the field of education and its strong ranking in the international student community.

Indian students stood at second position just next to the students from China, with many students are opting to study in Australia. Chinese student numbers has increased by 13% last year to around 1,36,097 students studying in Australia. The statistics also shows that China has contributed around 27% of all the foreign students in Australia. India stood at second place with 10.8%.

Other countries with large number of students also include Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal. These nations altogether had contributed around 66.2% of the entire foreign students in Australia.

According to Colbeck, these statistics prove that the foreign education is among five super development sectors of Australia.  Foreign education has delivered around $20 billion to the economy of the country.

He also said that Australia provides high quality services in education, learning, teaching and research. He also told that the Australian government had cut the regulatory costs for the institutions allowing its universities, educational and training institutes to focus on providing high quality education to the students.

He also informed that the Australian government is working to enhance the competitiveness of the education sector by streamlining the burden for the institutions along with maintaining the protection for foreign students.

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