Malcolm Turnbull holds line on China's Free Trade Agreement deal

September 23, 2015
The newly elected Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will turn down the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s request of negotiations on safeguarding the rights of foreign workers on the China’s FTA deal.

Malcom Turnbull holds the line on deal for China's FTA

Trade Minister Andrew Robb also insists that the agreement is providing all the necessary protections on the provisions for foreign workers. He also insisted that the change in Liberal leadership is not going to soften the approach of government for negotiations called by Labor campaign.

Voting has resulted in support of Australians is more than opposing the deal of China trade, even though Labor campaign and huge union are against it saying that for its advertising its costing millions.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader had written to the new PM, asking him for a meeting on the deal of FTA.  Meanwhile, Craig Emerson, who was Trade Minister in the Gillard government, has a proposal of solution which involves the amendments to the Act of Migration, strengthen the testing of labour market for international workers.

Mr Robb also insisted that more than $150 million will be required for the testing of labour market on the projects. Foreign workers should be paid same as the workers of Australia and also wants some 457 concessions in the deal and on other agreements.

For a comprise on this issue, Dr Emerson also proposed changes in the Migration Act in making testing for labour market compulsory for the lower skilled categories of 457 visa.

Dr Emerson argued that the testing of labour market should be mandatory according to the claims of the government. He also argued on the deal’s Chapter 10 removes the testing of labour market for the  457 visas which are now subject to test,  including testing for nurses, electricians, engineers, welders, plumbers and carpenters.

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