MEP's proposes new plans for non EU students and researchers to remain in UK after studies

November 21, 2015
Students and researchers from non-EU nations can get a minimum of nine months for finding a job or setting up the business after completing their education or research program under the new plans that were agreed by the European parliament members (MEPs).

The proposal would require to get approved by the parliament and by the EU nations before it becomes the law.

MEP’s proposes new plans for non EU students and researchers to remain in UK after studies

According to Cecilia Wikstrom, Sweden MEP, who is leading the proposal on behalf of the European parliament, the proposals will allow the universities of Europe to reinforce their competitiveness in the international arena, becoming further attractive than ever for the ambitious, talented and highly educated individuals from other nations who would get considerably enhanced conditions here.   

It is presently up to the individual state members to decide on whether researchers and students from the non-EU might stay on after they completes their research or studies.

The proposal will combine two orders which exists into a single order covering the entry and residency provisions for the researchers and the students. It will create compulsory rules for the interns and volunteers who enter the EU as the part of Scheme for European Volunteer and which also includes the alternative rules for other school pupils and volunteers. 

The combined set of provisions which are proposed will also make it easy for the researchers and students to move within the EU during their stay.

The recent orders will also permits the researchers to move within the EU for longer period of time than presently allowed, and also permit them to take their family along with them. Family members will also be provided the right to work while staying in Europe. Students will be provided the right to work for a minimum of 15 hours a week under the new plans.

According to the employment expert, it looks  like it is not likely that the UK Home Office will be eager to support the proposals, as this will also fly in the same path of steps that were taken in previous years for imposing tighter controls on the graduate students to stay in the UK when they complete their education. When the UK Home Office closed the Tier1 visa path in the year 2012, they were replying to the concerns about the exploitation and a want to keep the migrant figures down.

Expert said that the graduates still have the numerous choices available for permitting them to stay and take advantage from definite special allowances made by the immigration provisions. If the present proposals were adapted in the UK, this will likely have an important effect on the graduate numbers being able to stay in the UK after they complete their studies. The European proposals for creating much favorable provisions for the graduates has been in pipeline since 2013, so it remains to see whether this current initiative would actually make it into the law or not.

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