Former U.K minister for immigration is not being investigated further

February 10, 2014
U.K minister for immigration - Visareporter
The U.K minister for immigration, Mark Harper, has resigned from his office after it was found that he had employed an illicit immigrant to clear his flat at London. On Sunday, the government said that he is not facing any further investigation, defending that it would strengthen the immigration authority.

Mark Harper resignation has embarrassed David Cameron, the Prime Minister, who is making his effort to be elected for the second time in the elections that are to be held in 2015. He has taken chopping immigration illegally as a major subject of his election campaign. Mark Harper resignation has built various doubts about the government's wisdom of introducing new law of government that would put a break on illegal immigrants. 
The minister responsible for communities and local government issues, Eric Pickles, on Sunday remarked that if Mr. Harper is one among the public then the laws applied to him might be different. It would be considered as a violation. But, being an immigration minister he is dealt of a superior standard and there is no limit to the mistakes comitted.

On Saturday, Labour Party, who is leading the polls, stated that there was a limit to the efficacy of the plans laid by the government in addressing illegal immigrants.

On Saturday, the government told that there will be no changes to the immigration bill or immigration policy that is being examined by parliament. The main aim of the legislation is to restrict illegal migrants to access the public services that make the legislation to easily dismiss illegal migrants. This incorporates preparing the landlords and employers to be greatly accountable to check the immigration status of their residents and employees.

Mr. Harper has submitted resignation letter to Mr. Cameron.  The government has released the letter on Saturday which said that the cleaner has given the documents to Mr. Harper when he first employed her in 2007. This is to exhibit that she was allowed to get employed in Britain. But when the documents were rechecked in January, he found that she is not authorized to stay in the country. He accepted that, he must have carefully examined her status and feels sorry for the humiliation caused.

Mr. Cameron has accepted the letter of resignation with great regret saying Mr. Harper had taken an honest decision and believes that he would come again to take up a senior government job. Mr. Cameron says that though he has submitted his resignation for the post in the cabinet, he continues to be a legislator.

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