Hong Kong Agreement to double 2015 Quotas with the French Government

May 22, 2015
Hong Kong agreed with French for working holiday scheme to double 2015 quotes

Under the scheme from 200 to 400, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has agreed with the French government to increase the 2015 quota with the view by Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) of enthusiastic response to Hong Kong or France. 

The secretary of labour and welfare of Hong Kong Mr. Matthew Cheung kin Chung has stated that it commenced in 2013 of WHS between the Hong Kong and France has provided exceptional opportunities for the youths in both fields where they can improve their economies and also widen their horizons by experiencing the local culture through which they can live and work while their holiday trip. WHS has been increasing with the good response by which HKSAR government continue to actively review the operation and if necessary they may increase the annual quotas further.

Hong Kong’s valid age for the youth visa is 18 and 30 by which they can apply for visa under the WHS scheme through which they can be beneficial, if they are applying by HKRAS passport or by the British national passport they may not be beneficial as they are benefited by the WHS scheme. Thriving applicant can live in France up to 12 months and can engage with the short term employment not exceeding more than 6 months or in study course up to 6 months.

The HKSAR government has established joint WHS arrangement with France and also including Australia, Germany, Korea, Austria, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada since 2001. Till now more than 50000 Hong Kong youths have joined the WHS.

HKRAS always welcomes the youth who are willing to departure to other country for the sake of working holiday visas, they should be aware of the safety measures, local laws, also with the terms and conditions that are in the employment contracts and it also includes the appropriate insurance policies in WHS scheme.

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