Number of foreign students in Australia is up by 2.6% every year

October 28, 2015
Number of foreign students is moving towards pursuing education in Australia, and the figures are up by 2.6% every year according to the information.

The statistics from the department of immigration has revealed that a total of 2.30.000 student visas were issued in the year 2014-15 and it is expected to increase in the years to come.

Foreign student number in Australia is rising 2.6% yearly

Out of the total number of visas that are granted to the students, 21.9% were issued to the students from China, while visa grant to the Indian students also stood high and the visas issued to the students from countries like Brazil, South Korea and Thailand has also raised compared to previous years.

A new framework for a foreign student visa from the year 2016 shall make it easy for the students for making their applications and improving the process.

This is the fifth consecutive year of increase in number of foreign students, and it has came at a time when the government of Australia is engaged in encouraging the foreign students for coming to their country.

According to Peter Dutton, Immigration Minister, this increase is the great result for Australia as the significance of foreign students to the economy of Australia. It will improve the competitiveness in the overseas market of education and also enhances the integrity in the processing of visa.

Richard Colbeck, Tourism and International Education Minister told that the latest information which is demonstrating the ongoing success of Australia in the competitive international market of education.

Both the ministers have acknowledged that the government is committed for enhancing the global reputation of Australia for delivering the high-quality education and experience of living.

Foreign students shall have the valid visa for the duration of their studies in Australia.  Students can also apply for having partner and the dependent children less than 18 years of age for accompanying them. Parent or guardian might also be eligible for the Student Guardian visa who seeks to accompany a foreign student in Australia.

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