More EU citizenships granted for UK and Spain

July 03, 2015
Surge in EU Citizenships granted for UK and Spain

UK and Spain have been issued nearly half of the latest EU citizenships in the year 2013. On (1 July) Wednesday, the numbers released by Eurostat, statistical office, showing Spain accounted for nearly (22,800) 23 percent of all the citizenships which are granted in EU, while UK shows account for (207,500) 21 percent.   

In terms related to the size of the population, Sweden and Ireland come out as the top. 

The statistics meanwhile show spike in the figure of the individuals who are obtaining the citizenship of EU while compared to the past years. In the year 2013, the gross amount was just below one million, a jump of 20% from the year 2012.  

Romanians and Poles accounted for more citizenships of EU which are obtained in the another EU constituent state. Most of the Poles have ended up in Germany or UK, while the Romanians have ended up generally in Italy or Hungary.  

Moroccans have been ranked top with 86,000 latest citizenships for the non-Europeans. Most of them were issued in Italy, France, or Spain.

In UK mostly, India comes at a second distance with 48,000 latest citizenships. Turkey has been placed third with about 46,000 in Germany mostly.

Just like the other receiving nationalities which are in the top, the turkey trend peaked in the year 2012 and sharply dropped in the year 2013.

Individuals from Albania, Ecuador, and Colombia are accounted for the large figures relatively of the latest citizenships of EU. The numbers also reveal the rates of naturalization.

The rate of the naturalization is the people’s ratios, who acquire the citizenship in a year against the international residents stock in the similar nation at the year beginning.

Sweden is at the top most rank but its actual neighbor is Denmark which is next to bottom last after the Slovakia.

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