More Chinese and Indian citizens are signing up for Australia on the temporary visas

September 29, 2015
According to the latest data on immigration, there are around 3,00,000 citizens from China and India who are in Australia on the temporary visas. 

Most of the foreign nationals who arrives here in Australia as visitors, skilled workers or as students on 457 visas.

More citizens from China and India are signing up for Australia on the temporary visas

A total of 1.76 million people migrate to Australia on these temporary visas till 30th June, an increase of almost 4% when compared to last year’s figures.

Among them 3.74,570 were those who came on student visa (with an increase of 10% compared to the last year), and around 2, 27,160 were those who came here on visit visa (an increase of 12.8%) and         1, 88,000 were those who come on 457 visa (decrease of 3.6%).

The report also said that the New Zealanders emerged as the largest group of temporary migrants with the total of 6, 54,000 people migrating to Australia, which is also slightly high compared to last year.

Under the trans-Tasman deal, citizens of New Zealand have unlimited access to Australia. After the New Zealanders, the next big group was of Chinese people with the total of 1, 61,570 who came on temporary visas, which also includes 82,570 students and around 44,960 visitors.

Next in this list were Indians with almost 1, 45,000 people which also includes 48,950 students and 41,000 of them came on 457 visa. 

A total of 1, 02,220 people came to Australia with bridging visas which also saw an increase of 8% from previous year.

The group of citizens who came on bridging visas was from India, China, Iran, Sri Lanka and the citizens from the UK.

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