UK colleges could lose millions due to changes in the visa

November 14, 2015
The policy of the UK government towards the foreign students is at risk of damaging the finances of the universities in Britain, as the colleges which enroll the foreign students in the UK can lose over 3,00,000 pounds a year by 2017. This was told in the report that highlights a rising trust on the foreign fees.

According to the survey report, the position of the Home Office is viewed as highly unpopular and risks damaging the universities ability to hire students from on EU countries. 

The issue has proved to be controversial in India and took the added consequences this week during the Indian Prime Minister visit to the UK.

UK colleges could lose millions due to changes in the visa

The Indian business community has warned that the immigration provisions are obstructing the closer ties between the two countries.

The number of students from India who visit Britain has been halved over the period of four years as the Home Office has crumbled the provision that allows students from outside the EU nations to stay in the UK for two years for find the job.

The changes in the visa came into effect from 12th November also includes a decrease in length of Tier 4 visa which are granted to students who are studying at many colleges of the UK from two to three years.

This means that the foreign students in the colleges of the UK should return back to their homes, and they should not switch to other category of the visa including the Tier 2 skilled visa, as many students staying in the UK on this visa as well cannot extend their visas for further studies.

Many universities have regarded the students from non-EU nations as the important source of income for assisting them to cover their rising costs like increasing staff pay. The statistics shows that there is 10% yearly increase in the fee income in the year 2013-14 while the population of the foreign student rises by 1.7%.

The UK government has made tougher for the international students for staying and working in the UK after they complete their education. The graduates from non-EU countries should find the job within four months of time that pays around 20,500 pounds every year or return back home. 

The groups have called UK Prime Minister to maintain his commitments by considering removing the students from the target of net migration and establishing the working group for reviewing the UK educational routes for the foreign students.

Complaints from the university financial directors are suggesting that the increase in the non-EU admissions to around 1,79,390 in the year 2013-14 can once again slip in line with the drop in past two years.

UK is at second spot after the US that attracts foreign students; the universities in the UK earned about 3.9 billion pounds in fees or 13% of their earnings, when compared with the 19 billion pounds from domestic and students from EU countries. And according to the statistics the overall fees made up around 44.5% of the university funding in the year 2013-14 when compared to 28.7% in the year 2008-09.

While the number of foreign students has remained same during the previous three years in the UK, the universities in the US took 8% more foreign students in the year 2014.

According to the chief executive of Universities UK, despite the increasing demand for quality higher education all over the world, the overseas recruitment figures in the UK over previous few years have not witnessed the justice to the reputation of the universities in the UK.

The Home Office has said that they welcome the individual who wish to visit the UK for pursuing education at world’s best institutions, and there is no limit on the number of individuals who can visit the UK.

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