MP's will debate plans for clamp down on illegal immigration

October 13, 2015
For the first time, the legislation for clamp down on the migrants who are not legal in the UK will be debated by the MP’s.

The bill will not allow the migrants who are not legal, the facilities like access to the banking, housing, etc. and boosting the powers of the immigration officers.

As per the government, it wants to crush out the system abuse, but the bill has been branded disproportionate, deceitful and divisive by the Labour.

MP's are going to debate plans for clamp down on illegal immigration

The second debate that will cover the principals of government plans and the general aims would take place on Tuesday in the House of Commons.

It came after Theresa May, Home Secretary was criticized by the political opponents and the business groups for a speech to the Conference of Conservative Party in which she promised immigration crack down and also gave warning that the high migration made a cohesive society which is not possible.

Under the bill of Immigration, people who are working illegally in Wales and England will be facing six months of jail and police will be given power to take hold of the wages as earnings of crime. 

The Right to Rent Scheme will need the landlords for carrying out the checking on potential tenants, like viewing their visa or passport, for ascertaining their status of immigration. 

The recruitment agencies and the business will now require to advertise in the UK for employing people from abroad. This policy was prominently featured in the election manifesto of the Labour.

Public authorities should ensure that the workers from the public sector in the roles of public facing can speak English fluently.

Labour supports some of the features of the bill which includes imposing sanctions against the employers of migrants who are not legal and the requirement for English speaking. But they oppose various other measures like requirement on the private landlords.

The Home Office had said that anybody who differentiates would be breaking the law.

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