Ottawa welcomes over 1,100 new people to become Canadians

December 13, 2014
Over 1,100 individuals are welcomed to become Canadians in Ottawa

The Minister for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Chris Alexander, has announced that over 1,100 people from around 122 nations have became Canadian nationals at 15 citizenship ceremonials conducted in Ottawa-- capital of Canada, this week. 

Recently, the minister has welcomed and congratulated the new nationals at citizenship ceremonial. At the ceremonial 50 new Canadians take the pledge of Citizenship, which was arranged by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and administered over by David Johnson, Governor General.

There ceremonials demonstrate the efforts of the Canadian government in making the citizenship program to become more proficient and assisting many people to understand their dream of becoming Canadian national. 

The latest amendments to the Citizenship Act have already developing the citizenship program efficiency. With the latest streamlined decision making process as well as other amendments to the Citizenship Act, the Canadian government is all set to cut down the citizenship applications processing time to less than one year and also decrease the citizenship applications backlog  to over 80% by 2015-2016.

The citizenship ceremony marks as a formal entry for the new Canadian into the Canadian society.  The ceremonial reflects on the privileges, benefits, responsibilities and rights of being a Canadian.

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