Nasscom said that the proposed H-1B visa reforms might not hit IT engineers from India

November 17, 2015
The potential IT engineers who seek jobs in the US need not to be worried by the latest reforms that were proposed by the US senators on the H-1B visa rules as the changes might not come through in planned form.

These are what the overwhelming views that were coming from the software industry that sends many young IT professionals for work on the projects in the US.

Nasscom said that the proposed H-1B visa reforms might not hit IT engineers from India

According to National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) Chairman, B.V.R. Mohan Reddy, Indian firms or workers do not require worrying much. He relates the advancement to the year 2016 being the year of election in the US and such controversial issues are likely to arrive. He also reminds that it was introduced previously also but without any success. 

The Nasscom would continue to astonish upon the US about the contributions from IT firms and their workers to the economy of the US.   Mr. Reddy told that India created around 4,50,000 jobs in the US and also paid around $2 billion in form of taxes and also contributed around $6 billion towards social security.  He reminds that it is only the perception that we are taking away employment that are meant for the US citizens.

Mr. Reddy along with the Nasscom President, R. Chandrasekhar has visited the US and met around 20 Senators from US for explaining the benefits of the H-1B visas and the contribution made by the Indian firms to the economy of the US.

Young IT engineers who are planning to work in the US wants to wait and see in what way the bill will get passed and if it took the final shape, many IT engineers are preferring to do job in the Indian firms instead of pursuing education in the US so that they can use the facility of the H-1B to work in the US.

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