Britain to take advantage of surge in tourism figure in the coming year

December 29, 2014
Britain to enhance its economy with 35.1 million visitors’ inflow

British government is about to boost its economy with the increase in number of overseas nationals’ trip to the country.  Overseas visitors are set to offer around £22 billion to the country from the coming year.  The new figure beats the country’s previous year tourist’s count of £20 billion. Their government is predicting around 35 million visitors compared to    the figure of 29.8 million in the year 2010

Their biggest earners are United States, Mexico and China. Cultural Secretary of Britain, Sajid Javid revealed that the country’s economy is rising only with the increase in inflow of more visitors’ count to the country. When compared with the 2.5 % count on 2014 and 29.8 million during 2010, the concerned officials are anticipating around 35.1 million visitors in 2015.

Few of the great platforms that have given the country to showcase itself are Diamond Jubilee and Olympic Games. Britain has world-class destinations to grab the attention of the overseas nationals. Even the country’s government is also planning to boost the visitors’ flow by exhibiting its arts, creative industries and culture.

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