Nationwide census of 2013 reveals that Immigration is at a new high

January 23, 2014

Nationwide census of 2013 reveals that Immigration is at a new high

A population study has been done over the last 12 months in New Zealand with results out this week that reveal New Zealand currently has the biggest population of migrants currently in the country as well as the biggest population gain in over a decade. 

Last October saw a staggering 4000 people enter New Zealand in the one month period which is a significant number and unlike the country has seen since before 2003. Over 92,100 foreign born people entered the country over the last twelve months with a compaisment of a 14% drop in persons migrating from New Zealand during the same time period. 

Less people are leaving New Zealand compared with statistics of the previous year which saw 3300 people move from the country whilst this year was just 900 people. It is clear that something is enticing people into the country and making them stay. The Immigration Advisors of New Zealand say that an increase in population of overseas people could be due to the massive rebuild of Christchurch. The skilled people in New Zealand have already been employed to assist with this massive renovation project though staff is still short and much is being done to entice foreign workers to the country to come and assist if they have the skills. Internet videos known as webcasts are being shown across the UK and Europe to try and encourage those with the skills to migrate to New Zealand and help to build up the city of Christchurch. Tradespeople are much in demand such as foremen, engineers and project managers and without migrant workers this project is highly unlikely to meet its deadline. 

Those with the skills have the New Zealand job market at their disposal, there are many employers whom are desperately in need of the skills for the Christchurch rebuild and migrant workers have their pick. A licensed Immigration Adviser, Mike Bell says one of his clients arrived in New Zealand and had five interviews almost immediately and was offered all five positions. 

The top five countries of migrants homelands are Britain, India, Australia, Ireland and China it has been revealed and the study shows that all five of these migrants groups have risen over the past year. Not all can be coming to assist the build up of Christchurch but Christchurch is still one of the biggest employers for Migrants throughout the whole of New Zealand with the prospect of finding a job here much easier than in other large cities such as Auckland.

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