Curbing the benefits of migrant workers would have less effect on immigration to the UK

December 09, 2015
The UK Prime Minister David Cameron is busy in a war with other leaders over his demand that the UK is able to deny the benefits of migrants for the period of four years and according to him that will slash the flow of overseas workers who seek to work in UK.

But according to the economist Sir Stephen, altering the benefit rules for the EU migration so that they become more complicated to get would not affect much. Any reforms to the benefit rule are not likely to put a huge effect on the flow of migration.  

Curbing the benefits of migrant workers would have less effect on immigration to the UK

He also said that there a many proofs that the differential in the employment prospects, the differential in the pay is the important factor in the flow of migration all around the globe.

His remarks came soon after Iain Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary had insisted that the door remains open for the UK for securing its demand for welfare after the President of European Council, Donald Tusk had said that there was no consensus among the 28 member states of the EU on it.

According to Mr. Tusk, the other leaders of the 27 countries will require to hear more from Cameron before giving a decision on the matter.

The comments was extensively understood as the indication that the concessions might be required from the UK PM, who had already said that he is open for various ways of dealing with this matter.

But according to Mr. Duncan Smith, the letter from Mr. Tusk was written very carefully for saying that the doors are still open for discussing the proposal from Britain and he was very much sure that the PM would be successful in doing that.

Many European leaders had given the warning the scheme will violate the principle that the benefit regulations shall not discriminate against the non native workers from other EU member states. 

But Mr. Duncan Smith had urged that in private, ministers from the nations like Germany and France had came to a conclusion that there was something wrong about this system which would make the migrants eligible for claiming the benefits soon after arrival in the UK where they had made no contribution to the country ‘s welfare system.

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