New Zealand Announcing Tougher Requirements for Overseas Workers

April 22, 2017

A minister in the country of New Zealand has stated that the nation is increasing the wage package for individuals who are eligible to be termed as skilled migrants in the nation.

“We are totally devoted to the notion of putting our people first,” the minister stated.

The country of New Zealand disclosed on Wednesday that it is implementing stricter prerequisites for talented international employees in its bid to put a clamp on the rising number of migrants in the nation as recently it has reached a record high.

The alteration arrives a day after the government of Australia disclosed that it would terminate its impermanent permit scheme for talented foreign employees after the United States president had passed an executive order he feels would encourage the employment and purchasing of all things Americans.

The migration minister in the nation of New Zealand, Michael Woodhouse, disclosed in a statement that the administration was not sorry that companies that are heavily reliant on outsourcing jobs to international workers were finding it increasingly difficult to recruit employees. The alteration comes with it some new salary laws. To be eligible to be treated as a talented migrant, the migrants would have to secure employment in the country which is sure to bring in a particular amount of money monthly.

To be eligible as highly talented migrants, the foreigners would need to be earning at least 150% of their minimum wage.

The other alterations include a limit of three years for the validity of a permit.

The minister disclosed that the revisions would restrict the number of individuals coming into the country and raise the quality of life for the people of the country. That is the second time that the nation would make its migration policies even stricter in the last half a year. In the previous year, the average migration peaked at 71300 individuals, which accounts for 1.5% of the entire population of the country. That is a massive shift from around five years ago when the average migration figure was below zero as a lot of individuals were leaving the country.

A major factor in the rise of migrants can be attributed to the developing economy of the country which is approximated to be increasing at nearly 3% annually. Nations like China and India account for the highest number of foreigners coming into the country.

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