The Bipartisan Senate Bill had openly banned the H-1B visa holders by replacing the US workers

November 28, 2015
The US Senators had brought in bipartisan to change the US visa programs which might affect future immigration of the US.

The Senators Chuck Grassley and Richard Durbin had introduced the so called Act for H-1B and L-1 visa Reform which redress the Act for nationality and immigration in an effort of minimizing the abuse and fraud in visa programs for the overseas workers who are temporarily working in the US and for the other purposes.

The Bipartisan Senate Bill had openly banned the H-1B visa holders by replacing the US workers

If this S.2266 passed out the Senate and the House of Representatives with the president’s signature on it, the bill will guaranty that the qualified workers from the US are given foremost opportunity at the job opportunities with high skills.

The bill bans the US firms to hire H-1B employees if the firm had over 50 individuals and over 50% of workers are already L-1 and H-1B visa holders. It will also crackdown on the outsourcing firms that import the L-1 and H-1B employees to the US but then send the employees to their home country for performing the works that the US workers can do.

The bill highlights that the US employees are not affected by the H-1B workers, and openly bans the replacement of the US workers with the L-1 or H-1B visa holders.

Senator Grassley had criticized in its statement saying that the H-1B visa program was not at all destined to replace the qualified US employees; instead it was intended for filling the gaps in the high specialized areas of the job that could not be filled by the US citizens.

He also said that here required a sense of urgency for the US workers who are losing their employment  to the workers with fewer skills who visit the US at fewer wages on the visa program which has gone away from its original objective. The change of this H-1B program should be the priority.

And Senator Durbin had told that the L-1 and the H-1B visa program changes are serious for fixing the immigration system of the US. For many years, the overseas outsourcing firms had used the loopholes in the regulation for displacing the eligible US employees and facilitating the outsourcing of US jobs.

With this Act for Visa Reform, the Labour Department of the US would have improved authority to review, investigate and audit the employer’s compliance on the program needs which might overcome in penalizing if fraudulent or abusive conduct is found.

This S.2266 had received bipartisan support from the many Democratic Senators and since its beginning; the bill had been referred to the Judiciary Committee.

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