US Senators introduced new bill for limiting H-1B abuse

November 14, 2015
US Senators Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin introduced S.2226 on Tuesday will curb abuse of H-1B visa by the superior technology firms.

The bill came as the response to the firms that lay off US workers and replaced them with the cheaper overseas workers.  

US Senators introduced new bill for limiting H-1B abuse

According to the Senators joint statement, the new bill will prevent replacement of the US workers by L-1 or H-1B visa holders. The bill will also curb the big IT firms from applying to the H-1B visas if over 50% of their workers are on H-1B or L-1B visa. It will also provide preference to the US graduates and the advance degree holders who are being paid the elevated wages.

According to Senator Grassley’s statement, the H-1B visa program was not meant for replacing the qualified US workers, it was intended as means to fill the gaps in the high specialized areas of the employment that could not be filled by the US workers. He also said that the abuse of this system is real and that it is the fact that the people of America are training their replacements. That is why there is some sense of urgency for the people of America who are losing their employment to workers with fewer skills who come in at fewer wage on this visa program that has got away from its original intention. That is why the reform of this H-1B visa program should be the first priority.

And according to the Senator, Durbin, changing the H-1B and L-1B visa programs is the critical component of fixing the broken immigration system of the US and should be incorporated in the complete immigration reform legislation. He also told that for many years the outsourcing firms had used the loopholes in the rule to displace the qualified US workers and facilitating the outsourcing of the American jobs. The H-1B and L-1B act for visa reform will the abuses and will protect the American and overseas workers from the exploitation.

The bill will also give the improved authority to the Labour Department for penalizing the abusive or fraudulent conduct as well as want the agency to keep the detailed data on wages and levels of education of the visa holders.

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