Denmark offers a wonderful social welfare plan

October 23, 2013

Denmark offers a wonderful social welfare plan

Denmark is known as such a country which plays a great emphasis on the welfare of its citizen. This time however there is a bump in the road when one of its policies seemed to backfire. The policy of the dependency of people on the government aid has now created some serious problems in the economy of the country. According to one of the government officials if this problem is not solved soon then there is a chance of economic crunch in the country.

The main problem that has made this policy backfire is that the population of people who are working is lesser than that of those who are not working. The non working group of people gets the government aid and their urge for doing any work has vanished. This policy was started with a notion to give support to the elderly ones and the school and college children. Also, people suffering from injuries or other problems were included in the list. The problem now is that people have taken this aid for granted and most of the people do not wish to work anymore.

The aid is provided to everyone in the category despite their economic status and that also is a problem in itself. The reports have revealed that there are some people on aid who earn more in a year then someone who are employed and are having a full time job.

These all expenses concerning the aid need to have a cost cutting initiative to maintain a balance in the economy of the country. Also, this system seems to be a wrong one to many as most of the people who are able but refuses to take up job only because of the fact that they are getting aid and doesn't have to think about making an income.

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