New Zealand Divorce Rate Low

October 30, 2013

New Zealand Divorce Rate Low

New Zealand's government statistics indicate that the divorce rate has fallen to the lowest level in 27 years. New figures show that the divorce rate is now 11.3% per 1,000 marriages in 2008 down from 12.8 in 2004. 

The rate is predicted to decrease with different professionals stating contradicting reasons for the fall. Mental Health professionals are saying the reason for the slowing divorce rate is that marriage has become a choice rather than a social norm and couples are waiting longer to tie the knot. One in five partnerships lived together without being married in 2008, while the ratio in 1996 was one in seven. In 2008, the median age for marriage was 32.5 for men and 30.2 for women, compared with 23.5 for men and 21.2 for women in 1971.

The most consistent reason coming through is that New Zealand lifestyle is to blame. Life in New Zealand is much more relaxed than that of the rest of the world for a start. Commutes to and from work are easier, with less traffic on the roads and businesses in abundance so you really have your pick of where to work which takes away the stress of unemployment worries. 

The cost of living is low, the house prices affordable and wages rising all the time, money issues are usually a highly popular reason for divorcing if not always the main then they do contribute towards it with couples sometimes being like ships passing in the night taking on any overtime or second jobs to keep a roof over their heads, in New Zealand it just isn’t like that. Most New Zealanders are on a higher wage than that of people in different countries, the average working week is less hours too meaning there is much more time to spend together as a couple and in financial comfort. 

It is rare to work weekends here in average 9-5 jobs, so many couples enjoy to spend their weekends taking in the many wonders that New Zealand has to offer, spending quality time together strengthens a relationship bond and goes a long way towards the art of that perfect marriage. 

New Zealand has leisure and recreational activities available in abundance, and many of those are free. The famous beaches for example, cost nothing to frequent and are a place where the happiest memories can be made, simply relaxing as a couple on a sandy beach as a weekend (or evening) normality. 

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