New Zealand is a proven leader in Education!

October 02, 2013
New Zealand is a proven leader in Education!

According to the OECD's survey for 2013 Better Life index, New Zealand is the best performing country in terms of its quality educational system.  A Prosperity Index survey conducted in the year 2012, of 142 countries New Zealand is the number one in the world for education.

New Zealand’s education system values both practical and academic, and have skill based achievements.  Youthful people are encouraged to be flexible, questioning, and to seek answers on their own. Add healthy outdoor recreation and sport plus a safe learning atmosphere, and you've got a good method for producing imaginative and positive young adults.

Schooling in New Zealand generally falls into line with that of the rest of the developed world with education being compulsary for children aged 6 - 16, here state schools are totally free to attend - though do require basic things such as uniform to be supplied by parents / guardians. There are private schools rated number one in the world, which have a fee from $4,000 to $28,000 year.

Like the rest of New Zealand, schools are serene,relaxed places and with good discipline. Students are asked to feel relaxed in their learning environment and there is very less pressure. It is a place where young people stress less and get trained extra. And the statistics show this approach clearly works. Being named number one out of 142 countries it may seem our education system is extremely strict but this is not always the case, discipline is indeed fair but the method of a laid back way of learning and children being allowed to be children is what we stand by, it's a win win situation, children are taught well, they are happy and they are receiving a world class education at the same time.

In New Zealands school children get a lot of personal attention, at primary level with an average of one teacher for every 23 students, and at secondary state schools one teacher to 17 students.This makes it a much more intimate environment where personal relationships between teachers and pupils benefit greatly, it has been tried and tested and proven with our new statistics to be of a great advantage to childrens educational learning. Teachers can focus much better on a smaller number of pupils as oppose to having a crowded class room where things such as sorting out unruley behaviour would take a large chuck out of the school day.

With free education, of 20 hours per week, for pre school aged children available in New Zealand this provides a gentle introduction to schooling life and at the same time is of a huge benefit to working parents. Fast forwarding to after the mandortary school age we have  eight universities located in Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch. There are 600 private training establishments, including English language schools, located across the country.
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