New Zealand PM blunt over Australia's detention issue

October 05, 2015
Government of New Zealand is going to get increased information on the criminals that are being deported from Australia under the agreement between the two sides regarding information that has been just signed.

An agreement was signed yesterday between the two sides, that was in work since the month of February, for providing the agencies of New Zealand, with the notice of six notice of deportations being planned and rundown of history of those criminals that are being sent back.

PM of New Zealand seen pretty blunt over Australia’s detention issue

Justice Minister, Amy Adams said confirming that investigation would be done by police of New South Wales, and also confirmed that the Immigration Ministers from both sides would meet to discuss the matter. A total of 14 Australians have been deported since past four years.

She also said that the key issues would be to obtain the reliable information regarding the individual and their risk profile, while dealing with the offenders that are being deported from Australia.

Murray McCully, Foreign Minister, also intends to talk to Julie Bishop, Australian Foreign Minister about the matter. 

The visa cancellations issue of New Zealanders is the result of crackdown from the Government of Australia on international criminals, through an amendment to the Act of Migration, which came into effect in last year’s December month.

Around 200 New Zealanders that are being held in the detention centres of Australia are affected with the new immigration laws which says that anyone who is not the citizen and also served a year or more time of sentence could be sent back home.

Prime Minister of New Zealand said that he was pretty blunt and also said that there is a special relationship between the two sides and the way New Zealanders are being treated is challenging the relationship to a degree.

Mr. Woodhouse told that significant improvement has been made in providing New Zealand information for making more assessments about risks that were posed by the deported offenders.

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