Commission said that price based visa system is not suited for Australia

November 14, 2015
The immigration system of Australia is not suited well to the price based visa system; this was told by the report from the draft inquiry which was revealed by the Productivity Commission.

According to the Commissioner, Paul Lindwall, the Australian present system allowed focusing on the skills and education, many immigrants from Australia and their children incorporate well in the labour market and the society as the whole and become self-dependent citizens.

Commission said that price based visa system  does not suit well for Australia

He also said that the intakes and the programs like schemes related to seasonal worker would assist Australia to meet its foreign obligations.

The report also finds out that granting the permanent visas bases on price will lead to short term gain in the government income but can also have the negative longer and medium term financial effects.

The report also notes that the present immigration system of Australia works good by the foreign standards, it also make the recommendations for the improvement including enhancing the assistance to immigrants and partners of the skilled migrants so that they better understand the Australian employment market and gain the job.

The report also suggests that removing unnecessary blockades to the immigrant’s labour market integration like better processes to have their lawful qualifications recognized in Australia and enhancing the targeting of the visas to the areas of genuine shortage of skills.

The report also pointed out that the immigration is defining the features of social and economic life of Australia.  Over one in four Australian are born abroad and around half had their parents born abroad.

Presently the permanent and temporary immigrations are managed as the separate process in Australia. The temporary immigration often served as the route to permanent immigration. In the year 2013-14, almost half of permanent visas goes to the individuals those are already in Australia on the temporary visa.

The migration system of Australia is presently managed through the wide range of principles including the health, financial capacity, character, skills, age, family connections and the humanitarian requirements.

The intake of migrants in Australia is the draft report, and the Productivity Commission would take the submissions for the consideration before issuing the final report to the government of Australia in March 2016.

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