North Carolina Needs More Skilled Workers on H-1B Visas

June 20, 2016
North Carolina, the state of United States requires a huge number of foreign workers to work in IT industries. Charlotte is the second largest city of Carolina, which is a hub for IT companies.  The employers are unable to find the enough talent from local applicants, they can import foreign nationals using H-1B visa category. 

North Carolina Needs More Skilled Workers on H-1B Visas

The businesses of Charlotte say that the Federal Law enables them to recruit foreign nationals to work in their respective industries. However, critics say that some employers abuse H-1B visa and American Workers are laid off to hire foreign nationals. 

The H-1B visas are highly regulated, annually 65,000 permits are granted in the category. The employees are highly paid for their job role in the United States and it is not a cheap labor. People like Donald Trump, are exaggerating migration and trying to create problems for immigrants. 

The United States need skilled migrants and H-1B visas are helpful to fill skill shortages. There are hundreds of Charlotte employers who applied for H-1B visas on behalf of the skilled workers in 2015. There are lots of people with H-1B visas in Charlotte; India is one of the largest sources for H-1B visas.

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