'Operation Africa': to promote a better future

October 25, 2013

'Operation Africa': to promote a better future

Denmark has recently launched its new initiative ‘operation Africa’ in order to strengthen the presence of Denmark in Africa. This initiative was launched on 21st, October 2013. This political initiative is a step towards ensuring that the foreign policies prevailing are mixed with a perfect balance of traditional approach so that it results in an overall development. The development is expected to be in the field of the trade as well as that of the investment. This initiative is not only for the purpose of growth of trade and investment but it is also a constructive step towards ensuring an environment of green economic growth in Africa.

The presence of Denmark has been there in Africa for many years but despite that there are various risks as well as challenges which the Danish Government has to face on a regular basis. This challenge proves to be a big hindrance in their path of achievement. The risks which are mainly faced by them are that of inequality in the social structure, poverty, and the fragile states of the society. Also, the governance of the natural resources in a sustainable manner poses to be a big problem.

The Danish government wants a working relationship which is harmonious as well as trouble free. They are into creating new employment opportunities and thus these factors are really required. This new initiative is expected to prove fruitful in those areas. It is also expected that this initiative will help in creating a sustainable growth and a self- determining economy in Africa.

Denmark has been running a cordial business relationship in Africa for decades. They are known to provide the country with support in good governance and a proper and structured form of economic development. This initiative of ‘Opportunity Africa’ will further strengthen that bond in promoting a better future for Africa.

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