Points based immigration to be ruled out, risking cabinet split - UK

September 06, 2016
Downing Street ruled out any residual suggestions that UK’s PM, Theresa May, will consider an Australian-style of PBS (points based immigration system) stating that it is ‘not an option’. 

Points based immigration to be ruled out, risking cabinet split

The thought, which was backed by key “Leave” campaigners which included Boris Johnson as well as other members of Theresa May's cabinet, is considered as the response to lowering immigration.

However, May has long been doubtful of the framework and expressed her skepticism to reporters, en-route to the G20 summit in Hangzhou this week. She expressed that the working of a PBS is not certain, thereby risking Cabinet divisions over the matter. 

While the PM is seeking a solution that permits the Government to ascertain the magnitude of people coming in, officials are stating that a PBS framework brings it down to “who” comes into the country. 

According to a Number 10 spokesman, "One of the opportunities of Brexit is that we will be able to control the number of people coming to Britain from the EU. The precise way in which the Government will control the movement of EU nationals to Britain after Brexit is yet to be determined. However, as the PM has said many times in the past, a PBS will not work and is not an option.

"When Labour introduced a PBS, the numbers went straight up. In Australia, they have a PBS, and they have higher immigration per capita than Britain. A PBS would give foreign nationals the right to come to Britain if they meet certain criteria.

"An immigration system that works for Britain would ensure that the right to decide who comes to the country resides with the Government."

The current Foreign Secretary of the PM, Boris Johnson, consistently communicated support for a PBS as he toured UK on the Brexit campaign bus. Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, made the PBS framework one of his primary points of his Tory initiative agenda. 

And International Development Secretary - Priti Patel, along with Chris Grayling - Transport Secretary, and Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom, have all asserted that such a system could actually help the United Kingdom better manage the influx of people.

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