Popular Study Abroad Programs in Japan

May 31, 2018
Japan might be a unique study abroad option for Indian students as most prefer studying in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. The educational system is very different in Japan, and you’d be divided into choosing a study abroad program and a college. Most students go to Japan to study their language, cooking and art skills, and history. 

Popular Study Abroad Programs in Japan

Here is top four Japan study abroad programs that will help you make a choice:

1. KCP International

KCP International is a Japanese school run by Japanese people and the best one to study the Japanese language. The program is intensive, but the teachers are very cooperative and friendly and even share secret Ramen restaurants with the students. When you are in Tokyo for studying the language, make sure you stay in homestays and take full advantage of the free transportation provided by the school.

2. CISabroad

CISabroad has a summer study abroad program that offers you extensive learning experience. The classes are conducted at the educational institution and Seisan University, which gives you the chance to explore the streets of Japan and travel your way around with high-speed bullet trains. 

3. Meiji Academy

Meiji Academy has a study abroad program called Gateway into Japan that teaches you the Japanese language and also details of the culture. Apart from classroom education, the educational institute also conducts real-life classes where you can take into the market or business centers, where you get the chance to practice your newly acquired language skills.

4. Youth For Understanding

If you want to achieve international understanding, mutual respect, and life-long learning experience along with studying Japanese, Youth For Understanding program is the best program around. You also get the chance to live with Japanese host families, which is an entirely different experience and make your own Japanese family.

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