Quebec Immigration Reforms will not affect Provincial Students and Workers

November 07, 2019
All the Foreign students as well as temporary workers already staying in Quebec on November 1st do not need meeting the new eligibility criteria in its Quebec Experience Program, as per the announcement of the Provincial Immigration Minister.

Quebec Immigration Reforms will not affect Provincial Students and Workers

A Beginning towards Quebec Immigration

This reversing of stand happened one day after student groups, opposition parties, overseas workers and students joined the Provincial National Assembly and urged the minister to demonstrate some humanity. This was unveiled on October 30, and many experts and lawyers objected to these measures, stating that, they were damaging the international image of Quebec, and also the attractiveness towards immigrants. There were a few concerns expressed by business community and academics also.

The Quebec Experience Program permits all eligible graduates from Quebec schools as well as temporary overseas workers living/working in it to apply for choosing permanent residence in Quebec. Only the Approved applicants are in a position to get the Quebec Selection Certificate in 20 working days.

The Norms Take Shape

As per the new measures that were introduced in last week the eligibility limit is for those graduates having the degree earned in Quebec, or a diploma in a training field and also for temporary overseas workers that are employed in eligible occupations.

As per the initial statement of the Immigration Ministry, the new criteria, taking effect November 1, will immediately apply to all candidates in PEQ, and this had rendered many candidates already living in the province not eligible. The minister was sensitive to the realities faced by the affected people expressed yesterday regarding the reforms. He also announced putting in place the clause of acquired rights for all people already existing in Quebec, irrespective of being students or temporary overseas workers.

Premier also agrees with the decision, he added. This was after seeing the testimonies of affected students and on reading about their issues in the media. 

There are A Series of Features

Also, the clause dealing with grandfathers will apply to persons who were already studying / working in the province on November 1, 2019. Additionally, the reforms will not be applied with retroactive effect. The immigrating candidates have to match as per the existing labor requirements of Quebec.

The method of Quebec Skilled Worker Program, for selecting candidates reaching from abroad as per their profiles and matching that with the needs of the labor market, will be repeated the Quebec Experience Program.

Also there was a question related to the lists for determining the eligibility but it was issued by the Labor Ministry and reflects the professions which face deficit in 17 administrative regions.

It was used by many governments and is updated once a year based on employment perspective for five years.  


Finally, François Legault, the Premier stated that the PEQ list of eligible programs for the Graduate Stream will be revised for addressing the concerns of businessmen and academic leaders. If found necessary it will be adjusted he added.

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