Positive Impact of Significant Investor Visa Program in Australia

June 24, 2019
An expert report, analyzes the reasons of the Applicants of Significant Investor visa Program prefer to arrive in Australia.

Positive Impact of Significant Investor Visa Program in Australia

The Focus

There is a focus on the international competition level that exists for High Net worth individuals, apart from the factors influencing the ability for these applicants to live/invest in Australia. Finally it shows the social and economic benefits accrued to the investing applicants in Australia. There is a stress is analyzing the qualitative and quantitative proof, and public data on its application process and the SIV applicants who gained the approval.

It also reviews the measures of the government, at the international level, for assessing the impact of HNW individuals on citizenship as well as Residency Investment Programs.

Various Benefits

There is also a focus on evidence in survey and interviews regarding the various benefits accruing owing to the SIV investment. Finally it deals with the business and social activities of SIV applicants in Australia. The journey of a SIV investor is full of promises and this report brings it out. The Significant Investor Visa program was launched in 2012. Presently the total investment inflow in Australia has reached $10 billion. It has a goal of bringing more overseas investors in the country. Additionally, this program has distributed a great value to the visa holders investing in the local economy. The share of the Significant Investor Visa program is only 0.1 percent among all visas that the country issues annually. So far the authorities have issued 2,100 Significant Investor Visas.

It is a trend

The investments from these investors are divided into many categories. Moreover, there is a minimum requirement of $500,000 investment. The areas in focus are startups, and growth funds in venture capital, private capital and additional investment options. The Mainland Chinese have a major share - 76 percent- among these recipients, The SIV program, offers the finest path to permanent residency. There is an annual rate of 235 visas bringing in $1.175 billion new capital. It was successful in bringing talents and connections from wealthy global migrants to Australia.
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