Predictions indicate migrants will comprise smaller part of Australia's population

March 17, 2015
Migrants' figure shows mere percentage in Australian population

The government of Australia is hoping that migrants coming to this country will consist of lesser part of the population in the forthcoming decades. Its Inter-Generational Report which is published in every five years gives a view of Australia in 2055, when the population will almost double and become 40 million from what it is now. However, the net count of individuals migrating from abroad will remain constant at 215,000 per year from a high of 300,000 as recorded in 2008-09. 

The inflow and outflow which comprises the net overseas immigration adds up to 1% of the national population. This percentage is slated to decrease by 0.5% by 2055. The IGR modeling is focusing on alluring skilled workers to Australia. The report calls for gearing up to meet the plans in accordance with the demographic demands and opportunities they faced as a country. 

Factors that contributed to net overseas immigration in the last 10 years include temporary migration of different classes of people, which includes temporary skilled workers and students. Nevertheless, as per the Migration Council, a younger workforce is required to allay the pressure off the older population. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection shows a figure of 224,300 in June 2014 which is estimated to rise to 257,000 in 2018.

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