UK will not reintroduce the post study work visa

January 14, 2016
The UK government had rejected the demands for re-introducing its post-study work visa, which is quite popular among Indian students and also among other foreign students from the non-EU regions. The UK government said that the best and the brightest students shall not come here and do unskilled jobs.

UK will not reintroduce the post study work visa

During the questions in the House of Commons, the UK PM David Cameron had rejected the demand from the Scotland government.

The Tier 1 visa was abolished in the year 2012. Which allowed the students to reside in the UK for two years after finishing their studies and they could also do job and earn money before returning back to their country.

While the EU foreign students could still do the job after completion of their course now, they should have specific employment offer and should also follow tough rules on the income criteria.

According to report, the Indian student numbers who come to study in the UK dropped from 18,535 in the year 2010-2011 to 10,235 in the year 2012-2013.

Scotland has been keen to restart this scheme atleast for their region to lure more foreign students in the universities of Scotland.

According to Humza Yousaf, Europe and Foreign Development Minister, the decision of the UK government to reject the return of post study work visa is extremely disappointing and destructive to Scotland.

He also said that Scotland had various immigration requirements to the rest of the UK. Everyone here wanted this visa to return that permits the talented students to stay and contribute to the economy of Scotland.

By rejecting the return of this visa, the government of UK had ignored many people and suggestions from South Commission, and dismisses the call from Scotland to meaningfully and positively engage on this matter.

Cross-party steering group meeting would be chaired by him on the post study work visa, and that group would consider the implications of the decision of the UK government.

A support statement for restarting the post study work visa in Scotland had collected around 265 signatures. It had also got the support from cross party in the parliament of Scotland.

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