President Obama's latest interview and views on the 'Immigration Bill'

February 15, 2014

President Obama's latest interview and views on the 'Immigration Bill'

The President of the US, Barack Obama, has expressed confidence that the ‘immigration reform bill’ would be passed before the end of his presidency. He expressed this opinion in an interview to Univision Radio which was broadcast on Friday (14-02-2014). He reiterated in the interview that he was confident that the comprehensive immigration reform bill would be passed soon. In the interview, the president says that the house republicans were staunchly opposing the bill and that the constituents of such house republicans should bring more pressure on these elected house representatives in the different constituencies, so as to have the contentious bill passed.

In the interview, President Obama says that the bill and the measure should be ‘deemed as fair’, that it will ‘help improve the economy’ and also that it will ‘give people a chance’. The bill seeks to, through some strict measures, legalize those whose present legal status is not so. But, even though President Obama and the democrats are supportive of the ‘immigration reform bill’, it is at present facing tremendous opposition from Republican house leaders. So, that is why, presently, the bill is in the doldrums. It is relevant to note here that President Obama won big support among the minorities and especially from the Hispanics in the US for his second term in office. Thus, two bills, the ‘health care reform bill’ and the ‘immigration bill’ have been controversial, have generated a lot of heat, etc. among political parties, pressure groups and even the ordinary citizens.

The immigration bill is formally titled as the ‘The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act’. And, its main objectives have been declared to be ‘ensuring the safety of borders’, ‘providing and establishing clarity and justness/fairness in the process of immigration’, and ‘putting an end to illegal immigration’.
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