President Trump backs down regarding meddling by Russia in US elections

July 20, 2018
US President Trump is on the defensive after undertaking the European trip.  Trump also said, after reviewing the transcript at the Joint Press Conference with President Putin, about his misspeaking. He has spoken about his comments to favor the denial of Putin regarding the assessment by US intelligence that Russia had interfered in the US elections. He said that he spoke WOULD instead of WOULDN’T’

Furthermore he also accepted the fact regarding the conclusion of US intelligence community that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections.  He also meant could be other people also; and there were many people out there. Additionally he offered his full support to the American intelligence agencies. He added that the US was doing everything in its power to prevent interference from in 2018. The President also blamed his predecessor for the act of hacking on behalf of Trump. President Obama had the information just before the election, in 2016 and decided to do nothing regarding it. The reason for this was obvious that they thought Hillary was o the path to win that election.

President Trump backs down regarding meddling by Russia in US elections

Trump Extends Thanks

Also President Trump thanked the Republicans who came to his defense, regarding his statement in Helsinki.
House Speaker Paul Ryan, for a second day took a different stand about Russia and said that it interfered in the elections. There was no doubt about that and he was open to additional sanctions on Russia. President Trump also took the credit for NATO spending. It was a great meeting with NATO and they paid additional $33 Billion and also agreed to pay Billions of Dollars more in the future. NATO was once weak, but presently it is strong again which is bad for Russia. The media speaks about being rude to leaders, but never mentions the fund allocation he added.

The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte advised him to take a victory lap because the allies spent $32 billion more since the date he assumed presidency. He also suggested that he must take credit for it. Additionally at the Brussels event, NATO did not alter its target of defense spending to 2% of GDP by 2024. Trump asserted that the target must be 4% of GDP but other member states failed to agree with it.

Better Economy

President Trump tweeted that the US economy is stronger than before. The incoming data shows that, there is a strong job market, and the US economy has grown at a rapid pace in this year.

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